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How long does it take to install our Preconfigured Hyperspin Hard Drive and start playing games?

Installation is a quick and easy process which takes roughly 15 minutes.  The Core Hyperspin installation file install very fast.  What’s time consuming are the HyperSpin support applications like DirectX, OpenAL, Microsoft XNA Framework, .net 4 Framework, Visual C++, 7Zip, VPinMAME, etc…  But you don’t need to worry about what to install.  There’s a user guide text file to help you along the way.  You just need to follow the steps and run the custom setup and batch files and the required software automatically load and install all of them one after the other for you.  You just need to follow instructions, sit there and babysit the process and click ok, ok, ok…  We can also help you with the installation if needed.  We made it SUPER easy for you.  If you have installed software before, this is the same simple process.